BOYAR doesn't want your kids to use only English in the classroom because it is the language that you want to activate in various areas, then boldly communicate in adult life, which is why we offer:

Cooking Club:
- Study the ingredients and recipes for interesting dishes

- Record English recipes in the cookbook

- Independently prepare

- Taste and treat parents.

Speaking Club:
- Learn new vocabulary according to topics (10-20 words)

- Dismantle the units and grammatical study of their use (in the dialogues, games, discussions, presentations, projects)

- Focused on a variety of topics necessary for practical and everyday

- Communicate only in English.

Video Club:
- See video - films or cartoons (listening skills - listening)

- Dismantle vocabulary recorded in the dictionary (lexical point)

- Discuss the video (speaking)

- Perform exercises in the topic (worksheets).

IT Club:
- Studying programming in English

- Create websites, applications, games

- Come from his laptop.

After classes in Cooking Club children take out their goodies and treat us parents, and more - and eat only show themselves.

After classes in Art Club children endure true masterpieces of handwork, which can tell the English, and that complement home gallery or become excellent gifts for grandparents. Only after
Lego Club kids do not stand except good impressions, but instead left in their nobles positive emotions.

Price:- 50 and UAH 80 , with a season ticket - 30 and UAH 60 .
All materials and clothing included in the price.
About timetable clubs ask managers.
Clubs can visit working as a missed lesson.

Clubs will start on Oct. 2, 2015! Sign up!

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26 December 2015
26 December 2015
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