Napoleon Dynamite

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Napoleon (Jon Heder) starts his school day by riding the bus. To entertain himself he sends a superhero figure out the window attached by fishing line to surf on the street behind the bus. At school he shares his current event with the class, plays tetherball, talks about hunting wolverines in Alaska with a frickin' 12 gauge, and gets bullied. He then calls home and asks his brother Kip (Aaron Ruell) to bring him some chapstick. Kip is too busy with his nachos to comply. Napoleon then meets the new kid at school Pedro (Efren Ramirez). Napolean and Pedro go to Pedro's house to take Pedros bike on some sweet jumps. Upon arriving home Grandma tells Kip and Napoleon that shes going away for a day. They convince her that they do not need a babysitter. We find out that Kip is training to become a cage fighter. Napoleon answers the door and finds Deb (Tina Majorino) offering 75% off of Glamour Shots by Deb, as well as selling boondoggle key chains to save money for college. Kip says, your mom goes to college, which upsets Deb and she runs off, leaving all her stuff on Napoleons porch. Kip sees an ad for Rex Kwon Do on the tv and asks Napoleon to pull him into town. They attend the orientation for Rex Kwon Do only to decide it was a rip-off.

At school the next day, Napoleon and the Happy Hands Club, a sign language group, give a performance in front of their class. Pedro decides he will ask Summer Wheatly to the dance. Napoleon sees Deb and tells her that her stuff is in her locker and she should take it because he cant fit his nunchucks in there anymore. We see grandma riding an ATV on the sand dunes and have an accident. That evening while Napoleon is feeding the family llama Tina, Uncle Rico (Jon Gries) shows up and informs them that Grandma has broken her coccyx and he will be taking care of them until she returns. Uncle Rico shows Napoleon and Kip a video of him throwing footballs. Uncle Rico reminisces about his glory days.

Kip and Rico go to Big J's restaurant and discuss Rico's break up with his girlfriend and Kip's blossoming online romance. They also talk about a money making scheme that Rico has in the works.

Pedro and Napoleon deliver a cake to Summer's house as Pedro's invite to the dance. Back at home, Kip and Rico discuss acquiring a time machine online so that Rico can go back to 1982. They also discuss the money making scheme which involves nylon polymer. They decide they need badges and so go to Deb's to get some photos taken. Pedro gets Summer's rejection letter and also receives an acceptance letter from Deb, who Pedro had invited without Napoleon knowing. Pedro tells Napoleon to draw a picture of the girl he wants to invite to the dance. He draws a picture of Trisha, who happens to be Summer's best friend. When he goes to give the picture to Trisha, Uncle Rico is there trying to sell her mother a 24 piece set. Uncle Rico tells Trisha's mom that he wets the bed. Trisha's mom takes pity and tells Trisha she is going to the dance with Napoleon.

Napoleon spends a day at a chicken farm for the Future Farmers of America. They eat eggs. Back at home he gets the call from Trisha accepting his invitation to the dance. Pedro says he really needs to get a suit so they go to the thrift store and buy an awesome one. Uncle Rico is going to drive Napoleon to the dance but needs to stop and finalize a sale first. Napoleon gets tired of waiting and starts running to Trisha's but gets picked up by Pedro's cousins with all the sweet hook-ups. They go to the dance and Trisha ditches Napoleon for Summer but Pedro lets Napoleon dance with Deb, who is wearing a dress with sleeves that are real big. While they are dancing Pedro sees that the elections for class president are coming up. Napoleon later convinces Pedro that he should run for class president.

Napoleon arrives at home to find that Uncle Rico's time machine has arrived. He tries it out but it only electrocutes him. Uncle Rico has already figured out that it doesnt work. Napoleon and Pedro do well at their FFA meeting with Napoleon being an expert whole milk taster and Pedro a fantastic dairy cow assessor. Back at school they find out Summer is running for president. Pedro gets hot and has to go home.

Back at Big J's, Kip reveals to Uncle Rico that he believes his internet romance may be his soul mate. Her name is LaFawnduh and she is coming out from Detroit. Uncle Rico has a new product for them to sell. We find out that when Pedro got hot he shaved his head and now he doesn't want anyone to see so now he wears his hood tight on his head. Deb and Napoleon take him to the thrift store where they pick the wig that looks like a medieval warrior which Deb proclaims matches Pedro's season.

With his confidence back, Pedro starts his presidential campaign by hanging up posters and handing out boondoggle key chains. Summer can't believe his nerve. Napoleon sees a nerd in distress and offers him a boondoggle saying, "Pedro offers you his protection". Next time this nerd is in distress Pedro's cousins scare away the attacker. Kip meanwhile meets LaFawnduh at the bus station, and Uncle Rico gives Summer and Trisha flyers for his new product Bust Must +, a breast enlargement pill. Napoleon later finds that his locker has been plastered with Bust Must + flyers. Kip and LaFawnduh are getting along well and LaFawnduh gives kip a huge sparkling necklace. Napoleon attacks Uncle Rico's van with a grapefruit. Pedro has a piñata of Summer as lunchtime entertainment.

At the thrift store once again, Napoleon finds a VHS tape of D-Qwons Dance Grooves. Pedro gets a lecture from the school principal about making a piñata in the likeness of his opponent. Napoleon goes home and learns his dance moves from D-Qwon. He meets LaFawnduh, who gives him a cassette tape to listen to that her cousin made. Kip is now a changed man thanks to LaFawnduh. Uncle Rico tries to sell Bust Must + to Deb, saying Napoleon thought she would want some. Deb calls Napoleon and tells him off. Napoleon tells Uncle Rico to leave because he is ruining everyone's lives and eating all of their steak.

Uncle Rico goes to Rex Kwon Dos house to sell Bust Must + to his wife, Starla. Rex walks in and breaks Rico's arm. At school the presidential speeches commence with Summer doing a skit with the Happy Hands Club, sans Napoleon and the fat girl. Pedro and Napoleon find out that a skit is expected and since they don't have one prepared Pedro loses hope and gives a pathetic speech. Napoleon thinks quick and gives the tape LaFawnduh gave him to the A/V guy. He uses the moves he learned from D-Qwon to wow the whole audience and receives a standing ovation.

Kip gets on a bus with LaFawnduh, Grandma returns from the hospital, Ricos ex-girlfriend shows up at his van, and Pedro wins the presidency. Deb has forgiven Napoleon and shows up on the playground. Napoleon tells her he caught her a delicious bass and they play a game of tetherball, which Napoleon wins by cheating.

2 Months Later is the wedding of Kip and LaFawnduh. Napoleon is absent. Kip sings LaFawnduh a love song which gets interrupted when Napoleon shows up on a horse. He proclaims that he just finished taming a wild honeymoon stallion for the newlyweds. He asks Deb to take a picture of him on the horse. Kip and LaFawnduh ride off together and Napoleon is speechless but for one word..........lucky.

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